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How does the Federal Government Hiring Freeze Affect Your Future?

DSC00504What made you initially want to work in the forestry field? For me, I have wanted to work in this field as long as I can remember. Its more of a passion than a job. I remember when I was very little reading the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible. I remember asking about the Garden of Eden, and my father explaining that Garden of Eden was like the most beautiful national park in the world. I was familiar with the national parks, and so in my young, impressionable mind, I decided that Adam and Eve were park rangers and that I too needed to be a park ranger.

How to Land a Federal Job: Part 3

There are many steps that one has to take to land a federal job, from figuring out how to navigate and utilize the not-so-user-friendly website, deciphering which jobs to apply to, putting the right information into your resume, to figuring out exactly how to present yourself when and if you reach the interview stage. It can be so difficult and overwhelming that it scares off many potential applicants. But you don’t need to be one of those people. Over the next few months I will present you with a walk through of the application process and its options that should help you figure out how to navigate the website, utilize the tools, figure out which jobs you should be applying to, and show you how to tailor your resume to specific jobs. All of which should make landing a federal job that much simpler.

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Top Careers in Forestry

Are you interested in working in forestry but are not sure what jobs are available in the industry? Are you a recent graduate of a forestry degree program and looking for a potential career path?

You don’t have to be a firefighter or a park ranger with a forestry degree. In fact, you have a variety of job options, and exciting ones for that matter. The forestry industry needs qualified professionals to fill a number of important positions.

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Forestry for Beginners: Understanding the Basics

Forestry is a broad and multi-faceted ecological discipline designed to be both ecologically stable and of long-term benefit to communities and to economies. This does not mean that all commercial forestry is sustainable, nor that all forestry is commercial; however, all facets in this field seem to be working together for both short- and long-term growth and for the common good. The economic and ecological issues are just the tip of an iceberg that also includes studies in biology, geography, tree care, and forest management. New practices, such as sustainability, silviculture, and arboriculture also lend nuances to the skill sets required to become a forester. Knowledge about fires, insects, and disease also help the basic forester to understand how to rejuvenate and restore a valuable and renewable resource. The following information offers tips on how to understand forestry and learn the basics.

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