Bachelors In Sustainability Programs

Sustainability is a relatively new discipline, but one that has undergone very fast-paced development in recent years. It is the practice of reducing or eliminating environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.

As more farmers move further along the path of sustainability, the need for trained professionals in this field have increased. Environmental challenges have fueled demand for qualified individuals to lead and manage sustainable projects. A bachelor’s degree in sustainability offers the courses necessary to develop and evaluate strategies for land management, solar technologies, urban development, wind technologies, and more.

A bachelor’s degree in sustainability often takes four years to complete. These programs also require students to complete general education courses. There are plenty of online, campus, and hybrid programs available for those interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in sustainability. Use the links below to navigate our list of degrees.

No matter where you live or how busy you are, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in sustainability. The programs in this list are offered in online, hybrid, and traditional formats, allowing you to work towards your degree on your timetable.

University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts – Accredited By NEASC

Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies: “DEGREE DESCRIPTION COMING SOON” Click Here to request information about this program.

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food and Farming: “DEGREE DESCRIPTION COMING SOON” Click Here to request information about this program.

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