Handy Sites for Conscientious Wood Use

Wood is a resource that humans have taken advantage of for millennia, and with the massive population boom of the past two centuries, it has become a realistic possibility that the forest ecosystems that provide wood and so many other important resources could be completely wiped out. As we continue harvesting wood at an increasing rate to meet demand for firewood, wooden furniture, paper, and other tree-dependent products, we need to be good stewards of renewable wood resources.

The use of wood is integrally connected with land management and forestry practices. To maintain wood as a sustainable and renewable resource, major changes need to be made by the companies that use wood in their products, and also by land managers and foresters, and especially by the media outlets that bring information about these issues to the public.

The companies listed here all rely heavily on wood to continue thriving as businesses, and in their own ways, each is trying to use wood resources as efficiently as possible. Grasping the full life cycle of trees and of wood as a product, from furniture to paper pulp, is a good way for foresters to understand the magnitude of the challenges they will face in their careers.

Sustainable Tree Growth & Harvesting

Tree farms, wood and paper recyclers, loggers and timber harvesters, and even firewood sellers are all part of the same major system that plays a key role in the sustainable use of wood. These companies can work together to make sure that every tree that is harvest is used to its full potential. Managing the entire life cycle of wood and the other resource generated by forest ecosystems has been an important human endeavor for centuries, and is growing exponentially more important with as the human population approaches critical mass.

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Woodworking & Carpentry

From furniture making to house-building and even the manufacturing of custom tools, woodworking and carpentry are historically important practices that would not be possible without sustainable forest resources.

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Alternative Wood Uses

From particle-board to wood pellet burning boilers and stoves, there are many products that can make use of nearly any wood remnants or by-products. By recycling wood that has already been used in buildings, furniture, or packaging, we can get the most out of this important resource. There is even a movement toward “upcycling,” or converting once disposable products into more permanent, reusable objects.

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Other Topics

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