Our Top 12 Books on Forest Conservation

Forestry is a fascinating topic of study, particularly for readers interested in biology, ecology, conservationism or environmentalism. With so many forestry books on the market, the amount of subject matter is overwhelming. Students are best served by delving into a different types of books, such as those dealing with understanding the forested environment and those discussing the philosophy and aims of forestry. Here is a list of our top 12 to get you started! Continue reading

5 Reasons Why National Parks are Integral to Society

The beauty of our country can often be understated, especially once you fall into a day-to-day routine that might not always enable time to be allotted for exploring the sites. The national parks of the United States are grandiose encapsulations of some of the best parts of this country. From coast to coast, from Redwood National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, parks play a huge role in the way we identify as Americans and how we frame our relationship with each other and the land we inhabit together as Americans. With the government shutdown calling into question the accessibility of the parks, as they’re all closed until funding is found, now is a great moment to reflect on our nation’s wonderful national parks: Continue reading

15 Simple Ways to Conserve

When it comes to conservation, there are many incremental changes you can make to help the environment. And not only are you saving the environment, you’re saving money, too. So why not achieve both by incorporating a few simple changes into your routine? Below is a list of tips to help you get started towards a less expensive tomorrow and a greener, more sustainable environment.

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Top Careers in Forestry

Are you interested in working in forestry but are not sure what jobs are available in the industry? Are you a recent graduate of a forestry degree program and looking for a potential career path?

You don’t have to be a firefighter or a park ranger with a forestry degree. In fact, you have a variety of job options, and exciting ones for that matter. The forestry industry needs qualified professionals to fill a number of important positions.

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Why Trees? How They Help Our Communities

If you’re thinking about a career in forestry, you may already know that trees are important to the environment, and life itself. However, you may not know exactly how important they are…and you may not be thinking about trees in cities and towns being important. For anyone else who simply wants to learn more, this is a fantastic video we found. Continue reading

Forestry for Beginners: Understanding the Basics

Forestry is a broad and multi-faceted ecological discipline designed to be both ecologically stable and of long-term benefit to communities and to economies. This does not mean that all commercial forestry is sustainable, nor that all forestry is commercial; however, all facets in this field seem to be working together for both short- and long-term growth and for the common good. The economic and ecological issues are just the tip of an iceberg that also includes studies in biology, geography, tree care, and forest management. New practices, such as sustainability, silviculture, and arboriculture also lend nuances to the skill sets required to become a forester. Knowledge about fires, insects, and disease also help the basic forester to understand how to rejuvenate and restore a valuable and renewable resource. The following information offers tips on how to understand forestry and learn the basics. Continue reading

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