About Us

ForestryDegree.net is a website dedicated to helping prospective students find their path in the forestry profession. We provide resources designed to help streamline the overwhelming process of finding the right degree program and the right school. There are many variables in selecting a degree program, so it’s important to know how to differentiate one from another.

Forestry is a growing field with diverse career options, including some with an outdoor office. At ForestryDegree.net, we strive to match your interests with a degree program that successfully prepares you for a long-term and rewarding career. You can search our site to find accredited programs, along with useful information on admissions, degree types, and concentration areas.

Our Most Useful Resources

Our informative articles, blog posts, and list of accredited degree programs will help you expand your opportunities. We also link prospective students to a variety of different programs in forestry and other related fields that prepare you for a number of different jobs. These programs have been been carefully vetted and selected by our team.

A few of our most useful guides include an in-depth article about forestry careers, the job of a park ranger, and a comprehensive list of online forestry resources.

Timeline (A Short History Of Our Site)

  • December 2010: ForestryDegree.net goes live and begins its journey of helping prospective forestry students learn about the field.
  • January 2015: We hire Christina Warburg, a park ranger in Wyoming, as our site blogger.
  • August 2015: Our team compiles a list of 100 useful online resources for forestry students and professionals.
  • July 2018: ForestryDegree.net relaunches with fresh content, updated guides, and a new design.

We will continue to add new content and material to the site. Our goal continues to be to build both a database of accredited programs in forestry and conservation science and a resource hub for prospective and current students.