Top Careers in Forestry

Are you interested in working in forestry but are not sure what jobs are available in the industry? Are you a recent graduate of a forestry degree program and looking for a potential career path?

You don’t have to be a firefighter or a park ranger with a forestry degree. In fact, you have a variety of job options, and exciting ones for that matter. The forestry industry needs qualified professionals to fill a number of important positions.

    Jobs in Forestry

  • Conservation and Resource Manager: If you’re passionate about natural resource conservation and restoration, you can find work as a conservation and resource manager. This position requires knowledge of conservation practices and natural resources. Similar titles may include Conservation Specialist, National Resource Conservationist, Conservation Resource Planner, or Soil Conservation Technician.
  • Urban Forester: Urban forestry is the study and management of trees and forests located in and around towns and cities. It also involves the preservation of vegetation in urban areas. Sound interesting? If so, urban forestry is a growing and dynamic field with unique job opportunities. Urban foresters work with communities by providing educational and technical information about horticulture and environmental issues.
  • Educator: Are you interested in teaching what you know about forestry, conversation, and resource management? If so, how about pursuing a job as a professor at a graduate college or university program? You could also lead training sessions at national or state parks. There are plenty of teaching opportunities for forestry professionals in a variety of settings, not just the classroom. Children’s museums and local conservation centers all need instructors to teach the public about conservation issues and playing their part in preserving the environment.
  • Conservation Scientist: Perhaps managing land quality and directing forest-fire suppression is up your alley. If so, working as a conservation scientist will give you the opportunity to manage and improve the country’s natural resource. This role is an upper-level management position with many important responsibilities, including supervising the activities of other forestry and management workers.

Where to Look for Jobs

In addition to meeting with a career counselor at your school, it’s good to know where to look for employment online, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of sites that advertise positions in your field. Below are a list of sites to help you find the perfect career in forestry: